April Meetup: Announcing Our Lightning Talks

The April meetup for WordPress DC is this Tuesday, April 12, 7 p.m., at Fathom Creative. Are you coming? Well then, you should RSVP. And if you can’t make it, don’t worry: We’re going to livestream, record and publish all of the talks.

We have an excellent line-up of speakers for 5-minute rapid-fire talks. Here’s the current snack menu:

Creating Content: Finding It Around Every Corner
David A. Kennedy is the Online Communications Manager for The Arc, a nonprofit organization that advocates for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. He is a former journalist who is now a digital jack of all trades. Follow him @davidakennedy.

WordPress AND …, NOT WordPress OR …
Instead of deciding between WordPress or another tool to do the job, here are a few ways to mash your blog up with other parts of your website. Marc Lavallee is the Technology Architect for NPR’s Project Argo, a local/national journalism collaboration between NPR and member stations around the country. Follow him @lavallee.

How I learned to stop worrying and love the code
The talk: A short introduction to PHP. The goal: Learn how to avoid breaking your theme if you edit it. Ben Balter, a J.D./MBA candidate, is a New Media Fellow at the Federal Communications Commission. Follow him @benbalter.

A look at taxonomies (such as categories and tags), and how to use them to define your content. Glenn Clatworthy is the director of the Standards & Archiving unit of the PBS television programming division, focusing on advanced metadata management, standards development and reporting. Follow him @GlennClatworthy.

Web Accessibility and Semantics
Russell Heimlich is the sole in-house developer at the Pew Research Center. Follow him @kingkool68.

Defining requirements for your next CMS project
A brief look at several common tools used in developing an effective user experience — from the initial content audit to the creation of personas, user scenarios, and the resulting architecture documents. Anthony Paul is technical lead and user experience designer at Fathom Creative. Follow him @anthonydpaul.

Case Study
John P. Bloch is a web developer at Avendi Media, a creative design agency. When at work, he builds websites exclusively on WordPress, testing the limits of WordPress as a platform. Follow him @johnpbloch.

How to be part of the WordPress community
Aaron Jorbin is a WordPress core contributor and an engineer with Clearspring, where he works on AddThis. Follow him @aaronjorbin.

Hidden Features in WordPress
Andrew Nacin is a core developer of WordPress, and he’s able to work full time on the project as a Tech Ninja at Audrey Capital. Follow him @nacin.


About Andrew Nacin

Hello! I'm a Lead Developer of WordPress.
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